Daily Archives: May 22, 2017

Jt Holmes – The Ultimate Skier

An incredible video that displays a glimpse into the life of Professional Skier JT Holmes. If you have ever had incredible dreams of pure epicness involving a pair of Ski’s, JT has most likely already done it.

Watch this beautiful episode by FlowPoint Tv as they dig a little deeper behind the people who influenced JT the most and helped usher him into this life of continuing to pioneer multiple sports worlds as an athlete and keeping Shane’s spirit alive and well.

Cameo Appearances by Shane, Sherry and Ayla McConkey

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5 Tips for Beginner Snowboard Jumps

A sweet little video for learning how to jump while snowboarding. The biggest takeaway is simple, Start Small. Don’t go straight to the kicker and launch yourself into oblivion! Ha!

Tip Breakdown;

1. Start Small
2. Set up your Approach, How you set up determines your Landing
3. Decide how your going to get into the air; Ollie, Nollie, Pop Up, or Coast
4. Bend your knees in the air. Helps your balance, and helps your landing.
5. Land Straight. Don’t slam on the brakes as soon as you land.

Watch the video for full description!

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