Salt Lake City, October 7-8, 2017

Mountain + Gravity Expo will feature 5 Keynote speakers from the most influential athletes of each sport with over 100+ vendors on site! From Rock Climbing walls, Skydive Demonstrations, and Helicopter landings. If you’re into extreme sports, don’t miss out on this experience!

Along with our awesome speakers and interactions with fellow sports-minded athletes, you can also purchase sports gear at blowout prices and have a chance to win free gear!






Mountain + Gravity Expo is bridging the gap so that everyone can understand the reality of pursuing a dream. In addition to having 100+ exhibitors, we will host 5 of the most influential athletes who will give keynote presentations about each sport and host real conversations that both kids and adults will actually listen to about everything from proper progression to skill development, risk management, responsibility, and longevity. Regardless of what you see on YouTube, most athletes I know of would advocate that no line, jump, slope, or flight is worth getting seriously hurt or dying over. Unfortunately, misinformation and the desire to want to push boundaries because you have a GoPro strapped to your helmet can result in this. More importantly, the amount of research, dedication, patience, and planning that go into these athletes success requires extreme forethought and attention to detail.

Mountain Gravity expo will provide insight and experience from the athletes that many look up to so that the current generation, and the next, can be encouraged to chase their dreams with proper talent, skills, and good decision making. We will have the knowledge, gear, and real life experiences for you to make the right choices to get you where you want to go in your sports safely.

This is Mountain + Gravity Expo

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Bad Medicine: Battle of Fitness Mountain Gravity Expo

Mountain + Gravity Expo and BrickWall Crossfit have teamed up to bring the Cross training community into our Outdoors and Action Sports Expo because we truly believe the mentality aligns. No matter how far we want to go in any sport whether in the local Box or the great outdoors, if we focus on the little details, stay in the moment, and give everything we have until the buzzer rings or the day is done we will always end up in a better posotion physically or mentally than when we started.

This years competition is focused on building awareness to the awesome cross training Community in Utah. We have some awesome giveaways for the top teams and our registration fee set at just $75 for the entire team! We will have WOD’s prepared so that both Rx and Scaled athletes can stay engaged and competitive simultaneously to put on a great show for all of those watching.
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Gravity Fest - Mountain Gravity Expo

Skydive Performance Week! Learn From The Best! Gravity Fest at TBA – 2017

The first stop on the Mountain + Gravity Expo Tour is our skydiving event, Gravity Fest 2017. Our entire vision behind all of our events is to bring the best athletes to teach from their vast experience and skill to everyday athletes and weekend warriors alike. We want to bring that rare interaction where the most respected athletes and every day skydiving enthusiasts have an opportunity to learn by the best. The only way our sport of skydiving progresses is from the top. If you want to walk away from an event a better, safer skydiver from Belly to Freefly and Wingsuiting, this is your opportunity. In addition to the rockstar Load Organizer Lineup soon to be released, we will have the most influential manufacturers that make this sport safe and possible all week long with raffles, Vendor Loads, live music, and Great food!

Registration will be open soon, sign up for our In Circle to stay up to date with all the Events!

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