Skydiving Utah is known for epic scenery with mountains in every direction you look. At Mountain + Gravity Expo 2017, we will have not only local skydivers and Skydive Utah present but we will also have specials available to expo attendees only to schedule your very first tandem skydive at Skydive Utah in Tooele, Utah. Licensed Skydivers can talk with the best manufacturers on site about new developments in gear, skydive rigs and canopies. In addition, we will have multiple skydive demo’s during both days of our expo showcasing the sports top professionals as they exit a helicopter and land at the entrance of our expo both days. We will also have a respected skydiving professional deliver keynote speech to the public about safety, smart decision making, skill development, and longevity in the sport of skydiving. As Skydivers ourselves, Fun is always near the top of our priorities but lets not forget about safety. We plan to encourage safety in a way that our peers will be more receptive to via a professional they respect and not your local drop zone hero that may or may not have your best interest at heart. Skydiving Utah is beautiful and unexplainable with words, we can’t wait to show you a sport that has been around forever, and is one of the safest ways to experience human flight!