climbing and cycling

Are you just getting into a new outdoor sport? Do you shred during winter but now want to get into climbing or cycling during the summer months? At mountain + Gravity Expo we curate the best local knowledge to get you in contact with the best shops, best instruction, best gear specific to your region, type of riding, and style. All these things you don’t necessarily learn from buying online or listening to your friends. Coming face to face with the most respected local businesses know exactly what you want to make you the most successful athlete you can be. We want to help make this connection, and be a part of your success in any sport you choose to take on.

As a business owner, Support at the local level is imperative to our shows success. We want to put you directly in front of your customer right here at home, face to face. We will always go above and beyond to put local business at the top of our priorities. We have specific booth locations reserved for local business to capitalize on high traffic areas, making impressions, and creating lasting customers. From the local market, to bike, board, and ski shops we want to hear from you and we are confident we can help you make a difference in your business.