Bouldering Utah go together like hands and Chalk. It’s no secret that Utah is a rock climbers heaven. With its incredible selection of environmental textures, you won’t have to search too hard to find a place that suits or increases your climbing style. There are over six places within an hour from the airport to get your blood pumping and your hands chalky. We will have all the local brands, businesses and professionals to guide you in the right direction both in gear selections, skill development, and location choices to keep you challenged, but safely moving in the right direction. We are all about helping you perform at your peak and continuing to get better 365 days a year. At Mountain + Gravity Expo you will leave with more knowledge and awareness than you came with regardless of experience. We strongly believe in the mindset “A Forever Student”. Bouldering Utah is one of nature’s greatest workouts, at Mountain + Gravity Expo 2017 we look forward to helping you learn more and get outside!