With some of the largest mountain bike Utah events like Redbull Rampage, the intermountain series, and Enduro Cup, it’s no surprise we want to showcase this great sport at Mountain + Gravity Expo 2017. With more trailheads than you can shake a stick at we feel that Mountain Biking is a staple in the outdoor sports world. Not only does it demand incredible physical shape and ability, but it also demands coordination, technical skill and environment awareness to be safe and fast. We will have the top manufacturers in the Bike and Gear industry with top professionals and locals to tell you everything from what is the best setup for your desired riding, safety, risk management, and longevity in the sport. We will also have a significant pro Mountain bike rider to deliver a keynote speech on training modalities, skill development, safety and personal experience that propels you to go for mountain biking Utah and be safe in the process.