Aj Blackmon - Founder Mountain Gravity Expo
Aj Blackmon

Founder of Blackmon III Enterprise and Mountain Gravity Expo.

As an entrepreneur and avid action sports participant it is a dream for me to be able to produce an event like Mountain Gravity Expo. Since I was young I have always been a little on the wild side in respect to both sports and entrepreneurship. I followed my own path and was always looking at things from a different perspective, which has led me to where I am now.

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Mountain Gravity expo isn’t just an event where manufactures sell gear at blowout prices, the goal is to truly make a difference in the outdoor sports community. We will be the authority that sets the tone for all things Snowboarding, Alpine Skiing, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Skydiving, Base Jumping and Healthy, Fit Living by bringing in the top athletes from these sports for demonstration and discussion. These sports are progressing at such rapid rates and reaching unfathomable heights thanks to technology, social media, and GoPro’s, and competition is prevalent with both athletes and manufacturers alike. Technology and social media have enabled individuals to begin a sport and push beyond their limits within months of starting.

Your dad used to rip the mountain in his day and you’re ripping the mountain today, but you may be pushing a little harder because you want to keep up with what you are seeing on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. The younger generation in the action sports community emulate their athletic idols and aspire to produce the most awesome footage anyone has ever seen in hopes of becoming sponsored. We are stoked that you want to reach your potential, and we want you to succeed at your athletic goals, but safety needs to be a priority as well. When you start pursuing certain levels of risk it can become dangerous. You yourself probably don’t know the proper way of pursuing such risky goals with the lack of proper information. Injuries are skyrocketing across the board in all of these sports, and unfortunately this isn’t preventing people from pushing their limits.

At Mountain Gravity Expo we want to connect and work with local businesses as well as educate the community about the importance of safety when participating in extreme sports. By bringing together athletes, brands, speakers, and like-minded people we can maintain the integrity and enthusiasm of these sports while still prioritizing safety.

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