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Girls Rule: Police Grab Her, She Jumps Anyways

This Foxy girl is getting a BASE Jump off one way or another. In this video, the police aren’t buying her sweet talk and try to stop her from climbing over the railing for what she claims “a better view” but she slips through the hands and gets off an epic jump from a tall span!

For those who don’t know what BASE means, its jumping from the following fixed objects;

Check out the Video Below!

Acrophobia – I’m Afraid of Heights, A Base Jumper’s Story

Many people look at base jumpers as individuals who recklessly throw themselves off of anything they find without any regard to the dangers and risks of what could happen. As a Base Jumper myself, I can tell you that normally is not the case. While Base Jumping has its adrenaline junkie characters here and there, the true advocates and role models in BASE are actually quite afraid every single jump. It’s that fear that keeps us extremely careful and calculated. Have a look at a beautiful video about Acrophobia, and one mans fear of heights.

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What to expect at Mountain + Gravity Expo – 5 Minute Read

Any expo that starts off with professional skydivers flying in, helicopters on site from the local Search and Rescue, rock climbing walls and many additional action packed demonstrations is bound to be one awesome weekend for the whole family! Aside from all the fun there is a method to the madness. We plan to bring a massive amount of authentic value to everyone who attends so that they walk away from the expo a more encouraged, aware, and safer outdoor enthusiast.

Our goal for Mountain + Gravity Expo is to bring our favorite outdoor sports lifestyle under on roof. Including sports such as Snowboarding/Skiing, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, all Parachute Sports, Local Business and Elite Fitness sport such as Crossfit. We believe that providing an expo with the athletes in mind, produced by athletes ourselves we can bring the opportunity to open new avenues for athletes in other sports by having the environment to be exposed to many similar outdoor sports. When it comes to outdoor sports enthusiasts it really depends on the season and weather that decides whether we are grabbing our bikes, boards, ski’s, climbing gear or in our case, parachutes. In addition, we believe in a full circle lifestyle experience which means we will place an equal importance on health and wellness resources and vendors inside the expo as well.

Mountain + Gravity Expo is bridging the gap so that everyone can understand the reality of pursuing a dream. In addition to having 200+ exhibitors, we will host 6 of the most influential athletes who will give keynote presentations about each sport and host real conversations that both kids and adults will actually listen to about everything from proper progression to skill development, risk management, responsibility, and longevity. Regardless of what you see on YouTube, most athletes I know of would advocate that no line, jump, slope, or flight is worth getting seriously hurt or dying over. Unfortunately, misinformation and the desire to want to push boundaries because you have a GoPro strapped to your helmet can result in this. More importantly, the amount of research, dedication, patience, and planning that go into these athletes success requires extreme forethought and attention to detail.

We will provide insight and experience from the athletes that many look up to so that the current generation, and the next, can be encouraged to chase their dreams with proper talent, skills, and good decision making. We will have the knowledge, gear, and real life experiences for you to make the right choices to get you where you want to go in your sports safely.

This is Mountain + Gravity Expo

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Below is a list of some key sports we are featuring inside the expo and why we think they are a great fit for the location in Utah.

Snowboarding & Skiing

Skiing and Snowboarding in Park City, Utah is one of the most famous winter destinations in the world and for good reason. With over 10 resorts within one hour of the Salt Lake City Airport it is with no surprise. Whether you are a seasoned skier/boarder looking for fast and steep back country or planning a family ski trip we will have all the information and manufacturers present to help you make an informed decision. From gear selection, resort recommendations, and professional instruction we will have the most respected brands both locally and internationally on site. In addition, we will have well known professional athletes deliver keynote speeches on the topics of safety, smart decision making, risk management, and longevity in the sport to last a lifetime of powder days. We are all about progression. We also understand that with progression comes added risk and requires more attention to detail to perform at the highest level. At Mountain + Gravity Expo we plan to give you everything necessary to perform your best, and be safe at the same time.

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Mountain Biking

With some of the largest mountain bike events in the country like Redbull Rampage, the intermountain series, and Enduro Cup all held in Utah it’s no surprise we want to showcase this great sport at Mountain + Gravity Expo 2017. With more trailheads than you can shake a stick at we feel that Mountain Biking is a staple in the outdoor sports world. Not only does it demand incredible physical shape and ability, but it also demands coordination, technical skill and environment awareness to be safe and fast. We will have the top manufacturers in the Bike and Gear industry with top professionals and locals to tell you everything from what is the best setup for your desired riding, safety, risk management, and longevity in the sport. We will also have a significant pro rider to deliver a keynote speech on training modalities, skill development, safety and personal experience that propels you to ride at your full potential and be safe in the process.

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Rock Climbing – Bouldering – Hiking

Climbing in Utah go together like hands and Chalk. It’s no secret that Utah is a rock climbers heaven. With its incredible selection of environmental textures, you won’t have to search too hard to find a place that suits or increases your climbing style. There are over six places within an hour from the airport to get your blood pumping and your hands chalky. We will have all the local brands, businesses and professionals to guide you in the right direction both in gear selections, skill development, and location choices to keep you challenged, but safely moving in the right direction. We are all about helping you perform at your peak and continuing to get better 365 days a year. At Mountain + Gravity Expo you will leave with more knowledge and awareness than you came with regardless of experience. We strongly believe in the mindset “A Forever Student”. Bouldering in Utah is one of nature’s greatest workouts, at Mountain + Gravity Expo 2017 we look forward to helping you learn more and get outside!

Hiking in Utah is only a few steps off the beaten path. Let’s face it, the best way to see Utah’s beautiful landscapes is to hike it. There are over 6 Trails within an hour of the Salt Lake City Airport that make it one of the most sought out hiking destinations in the country. Whether you are looking for routes only accessible by serious backpackers or a pleasant walk through Mt Zion with the family. We will have the most respected tour guides that can assist you in everything from selection, duration, supplies and gear needed to complete your hike safely and make educated decisions in the process from experience. At Mountain + Gravity Expo we look forward to helping you discover the great outdoors and witness some of the most beautiful landscapes hiking in Utah has to offer.

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Skydiving – BASE Jumping – Paragliding

Skydiving in Utah is known for epic scenery with mountains in every direction you look. At Mountain + Gravity Expo 2017, we will have not only local skydivers and Skydive Utah present but we will also have specials available to expo attendees only to schedule your very first tandem skydive at Skydive Utah in Tooele, Utah. Licensed Skydivers can talk with the best manufacturers on site about new developments in gear, skydive rigs and canopies. In addition, we will have multiple skydive demo’s during both days of our expo showcasing the sports top professionals as they exit a helicopter and land at the entrance of our expo both days. We will also have a respected skydiving professional deliver keynote speech to the public about safety, smart decision making, skill development, and longevity in the sport of skydiving. As Skydivers ourselves, Fun is always near the top of our priorities but lets not forget about safety. We plan to encourage safety in a way that our peers will be more receptive to via a professional they respect and not your local drop zone hero that may or may not have your best interest at heart. Skydiving in Utah is beautiful and unexplainable with words, we can’t wait to show you a sport that has been around forever, and is one of the safest ways to experience human flight!

Base Jumping is one the best kept secrets in Utah. If you are a skydiver with a minimum 200 skydives and have any interest in learning to BASE Jump, Mountain + Gravity Expo 2017 is the place to be. We will have some of the most respected Professional Base Jumpers at the expo delivering keynote speeches on safety, proper progressions, the beauty behind base jumping, risk management, and longevity in the sport. In addition, we will have the top manufacturers of BASE gear to get you moving in the right direction when it comes to deciding which gear is best for you. We will also have the most respected First Jump Course on site to talk you through the steps to becoming a base jumper and helping you make the right decisions to find out if BASE Jumping is the right sport for you. Utah is a beautiful landscape with many opportunities to enjoy the sport of BASE, we want to help you be as informed and safe as possible in learning about and participating in the sport.

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Health + Fitness

Utah is one of the most active states in America and for good reason. From skiing to snowboarding, hiking, biking, and climbing it takes a certain level of health and fitness just to participate in most of these activities. At Mountain + Gravity Expo 2017 we will have all the resources from the local and national level to help you get started towards a healthier and more functional you! From local whole foods suppliers, to supplements, gyms, trainers, Crossfit inspired events, nutritionists and yoga instructors we will have all the expertise you need to be informed, encouraged and empowered to make this year the best year yet! We will have demonstrations, classes, and special offers only for attendees of the expo that you don’t want to miss out on! We can’t wait to see you there!

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Local Business

Are you just getting into a new outdoor sport? Do you shred during winter but now want to get into climbing or cycling during the summer months? At mountain + Gravity Expo we curate the best local knowledge to get you in contact with the best shops, best instruction, best gear specific to your region, type of riding, and style. All these things you don’t necessarily learn from buying online or listening to your friends. Coming face to face with the most respected local businesses know exactly what you want to make you the most successful athlete you can be. We want to help make this connection, and be a part of your success in any sport you choose to take on.

As a business owner, Support at the local level is imperative to our shows success. We want to put you directly in front of your customer right here at home, face to face. We will always go above and beyond to put local business at the top of our priorities. We have specific booth locations reserved for local business to capitalize on high traffic areas, making impressions, and creating lasting customers. From the local market, to bike, board, and ski shops we want to hear from you and we are confident we can help you make a difference in your business.

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