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Mountain + Gravity Expo Presents ‘Top Box Throwdown’

When our team sat down and began deciding what elements we would include in the 2017 Mountain + Gravity Expo we knew we wanted to have a strong sense of Elite health and Wellness. From organic markets, local yoga professionals, chiropractors, sports recovery modalities and supplements. We wanted to include a true elite fitness sport to showcase in addition to our other elite outdoor sports.

Enter Crossfit – The MGE Top Box Throwdown

Lets be very clear, there is always some controversy when talking about crossfit as a fitness program for the beginner fitness participant. As a sport, Crossfit cultivates some of the strongest, fastest, and agile athletes we have ever seen. Don’t believe me? Tune in here for the Crossfit Regionals going on right now from May 19-June 4 all across the world.

We wanted to showcase an elite level of fitness from everyday athletes, veterans, and law enforcement in the local area in a positive way. If you have ever spent any time in a Crossfit box you will see everyday people give their absolute best efforts surrounded by friends and supporters going through the fitness journey together. The entire mission behind Mountain + Gravity Expo bringing the Top Box Throwdown in our expo is to create even more community among the local Crossfit scene to help support, compete, and grow with each other in a friendly competition with an awesome Cash Purse and tons of sponsored swag up for grabs!

Not only that, but by having the local markets, fitness brands, recovery modalities, yoga professionals, and proven supplement suppliers on site it allows us all to work together for the better health of all. Whether you need help in your dietary plans, mobility and yoga, supplementation, or learning new ways to recover after the brutal WOD or barbell program we will have you covered in what we believe to be a true fitness category presented inside the Mountain + Gravity Expo.

Mountain + Gravity Expo is working diligently to provide a full circle approach to outdoor sports and healthy living. To be the best athlete, you need to be aware of the health and fitness demands our action sports place on us. As a young person its not as noticeable but as we get older the sports we love at some point will take a toll on an untrained body. We plan to provide the necessary tools and information to promote the better, healthier future generations that take part in the great outdoors through functional fitness.

The MGE Top Box Throwdown will be a 4 person coed team event with 4 divisions
Armed Forces, LEO/Public Service, Rx and Scaled and will be capped at 30 teams

toes to bar
handstand push-ups
bar muscle ups – at least 1 member
rope climbs
clean and jerk 155/105
snatch 135/95
deadlift 225/155
box jumps handstand walk – at least 1 member

toes to bar
pull-ups – at least 1 member
rope climbs
clean and jerk 95/65
snatch 75/55
deadlift 185/125
box jumps

Early Bird Registration for the Top Box Throwdown is open now.
Prices will go up July 21st.
*ALL MILITARY, PUBLIC SERVICE, LAW ENFORCEMENT, FIRE, EMT will receive a generous discount on registration. please indicate your selection during the registration process.

To register your team click here

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*Enter Code “5hundred” at checkout for $500 off your booth purchase!

For all other inquiries please email: Aj@MountainGravityExpo.com