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Thats Livin’

A new youtube series based around the life on the road with Brenton Priestley. A Professional Wakeboarder, X Games Gold Medalist, and 2016 Rider of the Year and his friends JD, Alex, and Trevor chase the sun in search of good times and epic memories. From Wakeboarding, Surfing, Base Jumping and Campfires follow their journey from Coast to Coast in the USA. Take a look at the latest episode and Like-Subscribe to the youtube channel to stay on top of all the newest episode releases.

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Acrophobia – I’m Afraid of Heights, A Base Jumper’s Story

Many people look at base jumpers as individuals who recklessly throw themselves off of anything they find without any regard to the dangers and risks of what could happen. As a Base Jumper myself, I can tell you that normally is not the case. While Base Jumping has its adrenaline junkie characters here and there, the true advocates and role models in BASE are actually quite afraid every single jump. It’s that fear that keeps us extremely careful and calculated. Have a look at a beautiful video about Acrophobia, and one mans fear of heights.

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