Utah’s Newest Outdoor Sports Expo, By Athletes For Athletes

Mountain + Gravity Expo is the newest Outdoor Sports and Elite Fitness Expo to come to Utah since news of the Outdoor Retailer Giants’ exit. While the category of these two expo’s are the same the mission behind them couldn’t be more opposite. We place the consumer, and the outdoors at the very forefront of our concern behind this expo. We anticipate 6 dominant categories under one roof; Snowboarding, Alpine Skiing, Mountain Biking, Hiking/Climbing, Parachute Sports, and Elite Fitness. All of these sports have some associated risk that comes with them at any level and a certain level of fitness is required to participate in any capacity, safely.

In a loud social world where literally anyone can call themselves an expert in what seems like overnight. We are excited to host over 5 prominent Keynote Speakers from each sport to bring their experience and proven knowledge to deliver short, effective speeches on not only why they pursue their sport, but what makes them one of the best at what they do. Topics such as Skill development, safety, risk management, passion, and progression are all things that will be discussed for both young and old, rookie, advanced, and weekend warriors alike.

In addition to hosting near 200 booths and anticipating north of 15,000 in attendance, there is a method to the madness behind the layout and execution of the expo floor. This expo is by athletes, for athletes and we intend to focus on the full spectrum of what an athlete needs to be the best version of themselves in the sport of their choice. From trusted Local Business, Gear, Apparel, Local Professional Instruction, Recovery Modalities, Health products for every lifestyle and an onsite Top Box Crossfit Throwdown for Veterans, Public Service Officers, Rx Athletes, and Scaled Athletes we want everyone to feel at home in a safe, judgment free zone where you can equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to help you get where you want to go in the sport of your choice, in one piece.

Another key role of having all the sports under one roof is the ability to merge communities together and grow from within. The biggest companies in the world usually hire from within their own systems for hire positions and we plan to use the same logic. As an athlete in Skydiving, Base Jumping, Porsche GT3 Cup, Mountain Biking, and Snowboarding I have noticed that the DNA of fellow athletes are usually extremely similar. The sport we are most active in is mainly a result of the current weather and conditions mother nature provides us. If the winds are calm my friends and I are most likely in the sky, If its freezing cold and just dumped some POW you can bet ill be on the next lift up at the closest Ski run. We may know about one sport more than the others because of surroundings and influences but we all have one thing in common; We live, Breathe and Thrive in the great outdoors!

Professional Base Jumper and Elite Base Jumping Coach Sean Chuma of I-D Base

We couldn’t be more excited about the movement of this event. With Skydive Demo’s, Helicopter landings, Rock Climbing Walls, Slacklines and many other attractions we will have fun for the whole family on site.

We are sincerely looking for any small to large business that supports the Great Outdoors to be apart of our Expo, We Cordially invite you to contact us by phone or email, regardless of the current state of your business. We are here to bring life and like minded outdoor communities to one place to help, teach, learn and support each other on a genuine movement of growth the right way. You can find more information on our Exhibitor Booths Here. If you aren’t a Business and would love to attend you can find our Early Bird Tickets Here or search Mountain + Gravity Expo on Eventbrite. All Booths and Tickets are 100% buyer protected.

You can also call or email the founder with any and all questions,

Aj Blackmon